Classic Hawaiian Potato Chips 4.25oz

Made fresh daily in Kona on the Big Island for over 30 years. These chips go through a special spinning process to reduce oil and add extra crisp to every bite. They are then hand sorted to get you the best chip possible.

1- 4.25oz Bag Kona Hawaii

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Very light and crunchy


We’ve enjoyed these Kitchen Cook Chips for several years and visited the original owner up in the hills above Kona, where he made them by hand. They are truly the best quality potato chips.

Kona Chips

Had Kona potato chips for the first time when I visited the island in June. I thought they were amazing but once we left the island I could not find them anywhere, Didn't have them at the airport when we were leaving either. Hard to find any online and the ones I did find were asking outrageous prices. Found the Hawaiian Market online and was able to order several bags. They came fast and were super well packaged. No breakage at all. Plan to order more soon and try some other products from the Market.


Maui potato chips are made on Maui and are not made by Kona chips. Two different companies and two different owners. Maui potato chips are manufactured on Maui not Kona. Thank you to your Maui husband for supporting a Maui manufactured product.

Pamela L Nagata
Kona Potato Chips

My husband is a Maui boy and loved the Maui potato chips. I understand the product is now the Kona Potato chips. Even though our daughter and her family live in Captain Cook, we inadvertently donʻt stop by the Kona Potato Chip company in Kealakekua. My husband enjoys these chips so Iʻm happy with purchasing the chips through Hawaiian Farmers Market. Besides I love your lime ulu chips. Imua!!!