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To be honest, I was not an ube fan, BUT now I am with this product…LOVE these cookies!!! I could have scarfed the whole bag in 1 sitting, but decided to stretch it out and the enjoyment. Totally amazed by their recipe!

Favorite popcorn

Not only does it taste ono, it’s healthy, too…in my book!

Ubae Crinkle Cookies
Jill McHale
Worth Seeking Out

While there are other Ube cookies available on the market, this is the brand that I was told was the best. Our order didn’t disappoint.

Love the lilikoi

Very good unusually

Great amount of macadamias

Could use a little less salt

Excellent hotness

Too little but taste is good and also could be a little crispier

Excellent taste not too sweet

Very light and crunchy

Chip Review

Really liked these, but they were a little over seasoned. I'd still buy them again.

Hhawwaiian Pruduucts

Always fres

Cookies were all broken and appeared to have been exposed to heat. Not something I would buy online.

This is a must have

Infuse a spoon full of this Akaka Fatms dark chocolate into your Kona coffee and your tongue will do summer salts when it tastes your coffee.

Good but doesn't taste ple lilikoi

Blue Magic- Mamaki Tea
Jennifer Abbott
Great color, mild flavor

Made this as an iced tea!

Good but doesn't live up to its name

Great flavor but I really would not say it taste passion fruit!

Ubae Crinkle Cookies
Chris Dugovich


OMG These Ubae cookies are the best!!!!

My coworker and I loveeee these cookies! I looked everywhere in Kauai and couldn't find any!!! Thankfully Hawaiian Farmers Market could ship some all the way to Alaska!!! Huge win! Thank you so much!!!!

Keith's Cookies
Olivia Fallejo
The best

I only eat cookies if it’s Keith’s

Kiawe Blossom Honey 16oz
Marlon Marshall

The best honey I have ever tasted and believe me, I try get my hands on all of them. Also, this honey gives me a tremendous energy boost. More so than others. YAH bless Hawaii!!!

The best honey I have ever had! Brilliant energy booster as well. That Kiawe plant is special.

Yummy. Very nice location, next to Hawaiian chip company