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Ono cookies!

Canʻt eat just one!

My girls love it

I've purchased several Paradise Paws products and my girls love it. I've purchased this one several times. Each time a Hawaiian Farmers Market box is delivered I need to be sure there is something from Paradise Paws in the box.

Honey Macadamia Nuts
Tracy Aiwohi
So good

I had to tell myself, "stop." Save for tomorrow. There was just one "tomorrow," it was gone in two days. And I did it all by myself.

Great compliment

This was the first time I purchased this product. It was so good added to my hot dog and backed beans.

Banana macadamia nut butter

Omg , this is absolutely delicious! We came home from Hawaii and had to send this to my friends .. yummy good

Kihene Mamaki Tea
Dennis Dougherty
Hawaiian Tea

A great summer pick me up!

Love these! Def recommend

Took these chips to a cookout and they were an instant hit! My friends, who never had breadfruit before, loved these!

Love it

Awesome product. Great flavor. Should’ve bought more bags in my first order.


Can't beat the delicious taste of the taro-sweet chips from Hawaii. Tried some from the mainland but were not as crisp and tasty. Definitely will order more in the near future to keep on hand for snacks

Love it

I love peanut butter and I love coffee, if they put this in a Reece’s cup I would be complete. Great for breakfast toast or even on an apple. Didn’t work on a PBJ though.

Best Steak Ever

Amazing, the perfect coffee notes with enough sweetness to void any bitter flavor, just rub it in and grill or broil. Not tooo spicy but a little heat and bite


These are delicious! Really good fruity flavor that goes well with the Mac nuts. I like these better than the usual honey roasted from other brands.


Love love love the Banana peanut butter
I ordered three after buying one in Oahu.

So delicious

I literally just received the order, and hopped on here to write a review on this cookie. I had no idea what to expect, it taste like a soft buttery sugar cookie, light texture with a slight glaze. I’ve never had Ube, so I don’t detect it necessarily other than it’s just a delicious cookie.

Keith's Cookies
Catherine Mesa
Keith's cookies

Wow tasting cookies. My husband really loved it. Will be ordering more for Father's Day.

Hawaiian Mix Caramel Box
Catherine Mesa
Hawaiian Mix Caramel.

I ordered this on a whim just to try the different taste. Needless to say I was vey surprised. They are delicious. Will purchase more.

Vanilla Mac Nut Caramels
Catherine Mesa
Vanilla Mac Caramel

I was expecting just the usual caramel taste but I was surprised. This product is very delicious tasting.

Pineapple Print Face Mask
Howard Hiyoshida



I've been looking for the Garlic and Sea salt Ulu chips for months. So happy to finally find them on this website. They are SO yummy! Love that they use coconut oil since I love coconut and of course I can't get enough of the garlic. Only problem is that I can't stop eating them once I start.


Couldn’t stop - ate the whole bag in one sitting!

Pink Guava Jam 11oz
Ken Watson

The Guava jam could be less sweet to hilite the great fruit flavor. Sugar is over rated!!

Best chips ever!

Once you have one you can’t stop! So delicious and such a unique flavor!

Ubae Crinkle Cookies
Jane Jamison
The Best

Most yummy and so soft that they melt in your mouth!


These cookies were delightful. I love the flavor.


This is such tasty granola. I ate it all myself!!