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The product looks good, but lacks durability. It is quite difficult to align the auger head onto the sweet spot to crack the nut. Quite often the plastic screw wedges against the side of the nut, and one needs to start the process over. Also, the plastic insert that provides resistance to the auger loosens during the cracking process. It did not take long for the insert to dislodge, rendering the cracker useless. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in the performance of this product.

Great product

As usual, with Hawaiian Farmers Market, I got another great product. Delivery was awesome too.

Perfect jam!

Best tasting jam for you charcuterie board😋

Keith's Cookies
Roxanne Krauss
Keith Coikir

Love Keith’s are excellent. I place 4 orders in the last couple of months ..,,est . $300

Mac nut oil

I love this oil. I use it for anything I cook in the pan! It take high heat and only enhances the flavor of the food. Plus it's good fat. Can't go wrong!!

Coconut Candy 3oz
Tracy Aiwohi

Had to pace myself. Otherwise it would have been gone in a day.

Keith's Cookies
Denise Lu
Best Hawaiian cookies!

I had gotten a pack when visiting the dole plantation and didn’t realize how delicious they were. My family gobbled these up within an hour. I thought I’d be able to find them in other stores but searched everywhere and couldn’t find them. Thank goodness Hawaiian farmers market carries them and I was able to place an order for 10 packs shipped to California :)

My Order of 'Ulu, Taro and Sweet Potato Chips

I was very impressed with the quick delivery service. The chips were enjoyed by family and friends at a barbeque in California.

Best jam ever!

I love, love love this lilikoi/ginger preserves with plain yogurt.

Lilikioi Butter

I first purchased this delicious passionfruit butter at the Farmers Market on the Big Island. I recently bought some on line. I love it on toast. My daughter lived on the Big Island for 9 years. She said it was the best! It is amazing! It tastes like Hawaii.


If I could afford to keep bottles in. Y house all the time I would. My family is addicted. This really is worth every penny.
Do it, get it, you will love it.

Kihene Mamaki Tea
C Loving
Love this tea

We went to the farmers market on a trip to Hawaii and loved this tea. When we got home I ordered it and had it shipped to us. I also found another brand and tried it too--we like this one the bast!

Keith's Cookies
Amy Chan

Good cookies, crunchy and yummy

Excellent jam

Very tasty not too sweet

Coffee flavor Mac nut

Not enough coffee taste

Sea salted macadamia nuts

Taste fresh and delicious

Perfect anytime of the day for pick me up!

Love you product

I had got some when I was there, and when I got home I wanted more, so I ordered

Keith's Cookies
JT Hsiao
Next day delivery to U.S. is not good

I love Keith cookies so I decided to order 12 bags of cookies to overnight to the U.S. for a family gathering. However, when the package arrived, 4 bags of cookies were crushed. I was going to file a complaint but never did. The packaging/shipping should be done to ensure cookies get to the U.S. safely.

Ubae Crinkle Cookies
Greta Breeden
Fantastic !

Best cookies ever ! HVe to hide them fromeverybody

Met Steve at HI Market

and he let us tasted about 20 different things...all delicious.
We bought 3 and had them shipped to mainland (we were on vacation).
Will be reordering online for sure...
This flavor was my fave!!!

Mac nuts

Received early, opened and enjoyed the first day. Not sure they survived to the second day! Truly Hawaii's gift to the world, those mac nuts. THANK YOU!

Kihene Noni Tea
Leah Noble
Noni tea amazing!

Shipped right away, received and enjoyed.

TOO delicious

Arrived quick and just wonderful!


Shipped early, received and enjoyed very much!