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Absolutely delicious! Tart, sweet and oh such an aroma. Without a doubt, absolutely the best jam. Great purchase.


Found this stand at KCC farmers market selling this butter. Bought a bunch of jars. I almost don't want to give these to my friends. I want to keep them all for myself.

Perfect nuts for me

Excellent products and quick delivery

Ho Brah!

I think HI Spice makes the best variety and quality of hot sauces in the world. At a Made in Maui session, they had about 15 sauces to try on a tortilla chip. After trying all but the last one, I tasted it and spontaneously said: "Ho Brah!" It was the hottest sauce I could remember tasting--yet it had a nice taste. I grow most of the peppers that HI Spice uses, but I don't have their talent for making tasty sauces with them. Ho Brah is now something I always keep in my refrigerator.

Lilikoi Butter

The butter is AMAZING! I eat it with a spoon! Thank you !

Excellent pancakes

Excellent pancakes!
OK, these macadamia nut pancakes are really scrumptious. I can’t decide if I like the blueberry or these regular ones better. But they are awesome! Truly awesome!

Best pancake mix EVER!

Just wow! These are definitely the best pancakes I have ever had. Hands-down.

Perfect snack!

Season with just tge right amount of onion and garlic ...

Broka da mouth!

People couldn’t stop eating it!
Poured over cream cheese served with plain pita chips.

Ubae Crinkle Cookies
jessica clark
Yummy, fresh and speedy shipping!

We ordered these after having and loving them in Hawaii. The cookies tasted the same as when we had them there and shipped incredibly fast! Yes, they’re soft and crumbly but they are SO good!!!

Lilikoi Mac Nuts

Delicaous - mea ono....

My favorite jam

Was introduced to this jam by a friend from Hawaii, gifts during the holidays. It’s by far my favorite jam- lover of the tart and sweet! :)

Local Excellence

Mahalo for this fine tea…it’s been maaany years since I’ve tasted this flavor, and it’s brought back pleasant memories. Thankful I can savor it again. Great product and excellent service!


My husband loved it. Thanks.

Paws up from our doggies

Our doggies loved it. I liked that you using the deer venison for human and doggie treats.


Nice mix of lilikoi without overwhelming.

Wanted to support local

Yum , right amount of mango to not overwhelm the chocolate.

LILIKOʻI no hoʻi

Love it!!! Just the right tang and the natural flavor and scent of the lilikoʻi comes shining through with just the right sweetness. This is a winner!

Creamy, delicately delicious

True lilikoʻi flavor with a lovely creaminess that can’t be beat! Not overly sweet!

Pink Guava Jam


So Good!

This Lilikoi Butter is so yummy on everything (and nothing except a spoon...)

If watching your salt intake, but still need your nuts…

Perfect gifting item for my parents who need to watch their salt intake. Macadamia nuts are always best quality (and magically disappear just as quickly as the salted option)

Raw Lehua Blossom Honey
Tracy Aiwohi
Love it!

Adds the right flavor with my yogurt by itself or with fruits. Also awesome with my smoothies and of course with my tea (cold or hot).

Pink Guava Jam 11oz
Tim Simonec
Praise the Lard

Your guava jam was wonderful! It really tasted like pure guava. Most jams I’ve tried from Hawaii I have way too much sugar in them. Yours was the perfect balance of fruit and sugar. Can’t wait to get more!

I was walking through a Farmer's Market in Kona when I saw a stand selling this product. I am normally very selective about what I spend my money on cause I'm pretty cheap!!! They gave me a taste of the Passion Fruit Butter and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. When they told me the price ($14) for this 11 oz. bottle, I was taken aback, but I still pulled out my $14 and walked away a happy woman. I've been eating a spoonful or two almost every day since I got home. I savor every spoonful. It is soooo good. I just hope inflation doesn't hit these guys cause, even though I love love loved it, I don't know if I'd spend anymore.