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Keith's Cookies
Olivia Fallejo
The best

I only eat cookies if it’s Keith’s

Kiawe Blossom Honey 16oz
Marlon Marshall

The best honey I have ever tasted and believe me, I try get my hands on all of them. Also, this honey gives me a tremendous energy boost. More so than others. YAH bless Hawaii!!!

Yummy. Very nice location, next to Hawaiian chip company

Crispy, Crunchy and Garlicky 😋

Just the right amount of salt and garlic seasoning on these Ulu garlic chips. I can see why they are a bestseller!


So happy I purchased this!! so very very good!!

Kihene Mamaki Tea
susan cassard
Mamaki tea

I was so happy to find this. I was visiting a few years ago and tasted this tea. My order came swiftly and has been wonderful to have again.
Thanks for being here and for such good service.

Love it!

We’ve enjoyed these Kitchen Cook Chips for several years and visited the original owner up in the hills above Kona, where he made them by hand. They are truly the best quality potato chips.

So ono!

I am so pleased with my jar of white 'O'hia Lehua honey. It is light and buttery. I enjoy using a spoonful in my coffee every morning. Thank you for offering this wonderful product. I will purchase this honey again. Mahalo!

Kona Chips

Had Kona potato chips for the first time when I visited the island in June. I thought they were amazing but once we left the island I could not find them anywhere, Didn't have them at the airport when we were leaving either. Hard to find any online and the ones I did find were asking outrageous prices. Found the Hawaiian Market online and was able to order several bags. They came fast and were super well packaged. No breakage at all. Plan to order more soon and try some other products from the Market.

Late and trashed

The cookies arrived 3 days later then they were supposed to and were reduced to crumbs when they finally got to me.

Ubae Crinkle Cookies
Maxine Samuelson
Moist and tasty

These cookies are made with purple yams and are very tasty! They are moist and covered in powdered sugar.

'Ulu Chips- Sweet Potato Mix
Maxine Samuelson
Very crisp!

These chips are quite crunchy and crisp. Very little salt on them. I wish they had a little more salt.

Very good

Best omiyage for CA friends!

So good 😊

Crunchy thin delicious- so my new housewarming gift 🎁

It's good. I loved

Keith's Cookies
Classic Collectible
My favorite

Have been munching on these for years now - always coming back for more.

Fast delivery of wonderful jam

Loved the two day delivery so I got in time for special occasions. This passion fruit jam is the best jam I have ever had.

This is the ONE!!!

This is the last hot sauce you ever need to try. All flavor on the front, and as soon as the 1st flavor wave passes, the backheat kicks in. Great burn, enough that you KNOW its there, but not so overpowering to scare you off. Must be a fan of spice, this is not comparable to most name brand hot sauces in terms of heat.

So so amazing

This tangy spread is so delicious!!! It’s fabulous on apples for a snack ( I do two spreads,Dark chocolate Coconut & Passion Fruit Butter). Also topped a slice of plain white 🍰 cake. Yummy!!!

Ubae Crinkle Cookies
Emmanuel Dichoso
Yummy crinkle cookies

Soft buttery creamy cookies. It’s so yummy and so tempting that I was able to finish a bag in 1 seating. I gave some of the other bags to my friends and they’re really very happy having tasted those yummy crinkle cookies. That taste of purple yum is very delicious plus the color was so attractive. I’m glad I was able to purchase and taste that delicious product and was able to share to my family and friends. They’re really very good. Will be ordering soon again.

Crinkle Cookie

These are now one of my favorite cookies. Amazing!! I've had many chocolate crinkles, but these stand alone. Delicious.

Great products

Aloha from NC. We learned about this company while visiting ohana in Hawaii. Great products. Very delicious. We will be regular customers from now on. The honey macadamia nuts were the best we've ever had. The crinkle cookies are dangerously delicious. Mahalo

got it wrong

Extremely disappointed. I got lilikoi jelly. Ordered lilikoi butter.