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HawaiianFarmersMarket.com Product Reviews
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Perfect Gift

Given as a gift that was most welcomed - comments just fabulous with different taste notes and silky smooth. A excellent experience that was hoped for ! Thank you Hawaii Farmers Market Madre Chocolate Bar.

Perfect Island Granola Snack

Used as a topping for chia mango pudding this Hawaiian Farmers Market Coconut Macadamia Nut Granola added the perfect sweetness and textures to wow the mouth. It was awesome!

Perfect Island Snack

Salty crunch of the unique macadamia nut perfectly lightly roasted and thoroughly enjoyed by guests and myself.

My puppy loves the dog biscuits.

Ubae Crinkle Cookies
Lisa Kowalski
a treat in texture, taste, and color

I enjoyed the brilliant color, the soft, moist, delicious interior,
and the crinkly sugar exterior. Delicious and beautiful!

Hawaiian Rub Seasoning
Melissa Smith
Love this!

I use this on everything and it tastes amazing. Low sodium which is a must for me. I have my friend who lives on Maui who mails me this stuff when I need it. Amazing!

Delicious by gift recipient

Will order again


Mellow and tasty....packs a crunch more reliable than any potato chip!

'Ulu Chips- Cool Lime
Lisa Kowalski
Crispy and delicious

Nothing is like an ulu chip....crispy and good for you, with a subtle hint of lime

Keith's Cookies
Tasty and crunchy

When I crave chocolate chip cookies from Keith, I order from this Farmer’s Market. They are crunchy through and through. The way I like my cookies.

A bit too sweet

I love the ube flavor and was looking forward to trying these cookies. I was not able to eat the whole cookie as it was a bit too sweet for me. The cookie itself is sweet and the powdered sugar coating made it additionally sweet.

Ubae Crinkle Cookies
Tracy Aiwohi

I truly enjoyed it! Too bad my family didn't get to try any. LOL

Taste Great, Feel Good

Garlic Salt Ulu chips taste great! We really love the Ulu dips —hopping’ jalapeño hit the right spice balance, turmeric always a crowd pleaser! Feels even better to support locally grown and made. Mahalo for your good work!

Love the Chips.


Tasty, but due to Hawaiiʻs humidity the granola is not crunchy. Not an issue with the product as much as our weather. I put the bag in a freezer bag and placed in freezer. I think this would be an excellent topping on ice cream.

Kona Potato Chips

My husband is a Maui boy and loved the Maui potato chips. I understand the product is now the Kona Potato chips. Even though our daughter and her family live in Captain Cook, we inadvertently donʻt stop by the Kona Potato Chip company in Kealakekua. My husband enjoys these chips so Iʻm happy with purchasing the chips through Hawaiian Farmers Market. Besides I love your lime ulu chips. Imua!!!

Love the chips and will order more.

Kona Peaberry Coffee 7oz
Pamela L Nagata
Kona Peabury

I am sending as a gift to a friend in Maine. I appreciate any peabury coffee. Hawaiian Farmers Market has great service and responds to inquiries right away.

Latte Espresso Bites
Pamela L Nagata
Latte Espresso Bites

I thought the "bites" meant little pieces, not a bar. Taste is ok but expected something else.

Ubae Crinkle Cookies
Audrey Awong
Favorite cookie

I ordered these cookies for my granddaughter who lives in Las Vegas, NV. I live in Colorado and glad that I could order them online and have them delivered to her. She says,”Its my favorite cookie. She loves them and Ubae desserts.

Best Ever

We eat Steve's Passion Fruit jam on toast, ice cream, yogurt, cheesecake, and even by the spoonful (don't tell anyone). We hand out jars to our friends and family for gifts and have them asking for more. Simply the best lilikoi jam I've ever had.

Sweet Potato / Ulu mix

I LOVE IT!!!! No salt so flavor comes through. I will definitely order more!

Another favorite

Very delicious. First try, and we got hooked!

My Favorite Jam

A friend gave us a bottle to try, and we just have to to order for more. Very delightful with our rolls.

'Ulu Chips- Cool Lime
Pamela L Nagata
Mea ono

Absolutely delicious and although the package says 3 portions I mostly turn it into 2 portions or less. Taste and satisfaction is the best! Difficult to stop eating. Is great ruffage.