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Hibiscus Mint w/ Mamaki Cold Brew Tea (Organic) 2.2oz

This cold brew iced tea is designed for ease of use. Simply add one large tea bag to a 1/2 gallon of purified water and let it cold brew on your counter or in your fridge for  4-8 hours. Then you are ready to enjoy delicious sugar free tea!

This bag Includes (5) cold brew tea packets, enough to make 2.5 gallons of tea.

Sweeten to your liking with a simple syrup made from sugar or honey.  We definitely recommend sweetening this one just a touch, as it is Oribe's signature flavor offered in bottles, cold brew packets and loose leaf. 

Hibiscus Mint w/ Mamaki features endemic Mamaki Tea from the Hawaiian Islands which is organically grown in the volcanic rich soils of Kilauea.  The hibiscus flowers add a beautiful red color to this tea and nice tang. The mint is refreshing finish which helps to wash away any worries and deliver you right back to white sandy beaches in Hawaii.