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Raw Eucalyptus Honey- 16oz

I (Loren) have tasted lots of honey over the years working around farmer's markets.
Never have I tasted such crisp clean flavors than I have with honey from Wai Meli of Moon Bow Farms. With my first taste, I finally understood how different nectar sources played their roles in creating unique honey flavor profiles.  I knew I had to get this honey to share with you.  So here is your chance to try it for yourself.  

There are many variables when creating this honey such as selecting the nectar source.  The nectar selection involves weather patterns, honeybee health, location, and hive management.  Each Wai Meli harvest is seasonal and determined by the preferences of the honeybees.  These honeys are unheated to maintain the nutritive value and unmistakeable character.

This eucalyptus honey has a nutty flavor.  It's a great change of pace from your traditional store bought honey.