A collection of quality Hawaiian chocolate.

Manoa Strawberry Chocolate

Chocolate made on the islands of Hawaii has a reach far beyond its borders. The chocolate we offer here has won awards locally, nationally, and internationally for its taste, texture, and overall quality. Chocolate makers in Hawaii take great pride in creating products from locally grown resources that are able to be shared across the world.

Hawaii is the only place in the US that cacao can grow. Our unique climate and soil make for great growing conditions that produce amazing different tasting notes. Even amongst the different islands and parts of the island, the cacao has different taste. Even our Hawaiian Chocolate mac nuts from Island Harvest are an out of world experience.  These chocolate covered mac nuts start off organically grown in Kohala on the big island. They are then covered in fair trade dark chocolate, Yum! Experience chocolate mac nuts and what these award winning Hawaiian chocolates are all about and try some today!