Collection of Hawaiian Made Dips and Hot Sauces 

hi spice hot sauce

'Ulu Mana's Hawaiian Hummus is a must try... period.  Made with using Hawaiian grown breadfruit ('ulu) instead of traditional garbanzo beans, the result is a spread that is equally delicious, somewhat familiar and excitingly new all in one bite. hand made in small batches, this unique product is frozen shipped nation wide!

When it comes to hot sauce, the farmers know best. Justin and Katie (a husband and wife duo on Maui) started as home gardeners and found that peppers were there thing! Experimenting over time with their homegrown peppers, making sauces and other concoctions, they finally decide to start their own business! Born was Hi Spice, a truly small batch, hand crafted hot sauce company on Maui! Make sure to try their signature sauce Ho Brah!