Collection of Hawaiian Coffee and Hawaiian Teas

Kona Coffee on tree

Kona Coffee:

Did you know that Kona Coffee is like Champagne in France? Only coffee that is grown in the district of Kona and meets the quality standard can be called Kona coffee. The original Kona coffee is called Kona Typica and was first grown in Kona back in 1832! These days, other varities of coffee are grown in Kona and are still considered Kona coffee but if you want the original, then you need to try Kona Typica.  Grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa mountains, Kona coffee is smooth, sweet, powerful but balanced. 


For centuries the mamaki plant has been revered by ancient Hawaiians for its health benefits.  Mamaki is one of the rarest herbal teas in the world and only grows in the Hawaiian archipelago. Māmaki health benefits include, promoting healthy cardiovascular functions; lower stress and fatigue levels; and supporting good sleep. Mamaki has even been shown to have higher antioxident levels.

The coffee and teas we choose to offer here are from the makers that stay true to the heart of what Hawaiian coffee and teas should be. From either growing it themselves or sourcing the best raw products from trusted local farmers and then harvesting, milling, and roasting in small batches to ensure the highest of quality is achieved. Makers in Hawaii take great pride in creating products from locally grown resources that are able to be shared across the world.