Collection of Hawaiian Made Cookies & Confections

If you are looking for shortbread cookies from Hawaii, we got you! Keiths Hawaiian shortbread cookies are hand made right here in Hawaii! A local favorite for over 25 years. We also carry ube crinkle cookies from Ubae Hawaii! These rich purple, sweet, soft and extraordinary ube crinkle cookies are made fresh daily in Hawaii. They also create other delicious confections at their shop on Oahu like ube ice cream, ube cheesecake, and ube cake.

Shortbread cookies from Hawaii got its distinct small size and DNA from a few places. Long ago they used to be sold in 5-gallon jars that were used in crack seed stores. So they needed to be small to fit through the opening of the jar. Also, makers found that people were buying them for omiyagi (gifts) and taking them inter island and also back to their homeland. This means they would be getting moved a lot and needed to be strong. This had makers produce a strong and small shortbread cookie that you now see made by many makers through out stores in Hawaii!