100% Hawaiian Mac Nuts

Gourmet 100% Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

Ahualoa Farms- is a small family owned operation with big ambitions. They grow, harvest, and create delicious macadamia nut snacks, oils, butters, and more all on the Big Island of Hawaii. One of their stand out products is Macadamia Nut Butter, a healthy snacks with only Hawaiian macadamia nuts, honey, and sea salt. Use just like you do peanut butter. Have you tried macadamia nut cookies yet? If not, you need to grab a 1lb bag of their plain mac nuts and add them to you shortbread cookie mix at home. Macadamia nut cookies are irresistible and will take you back to those perfect days on a Hawaiian beach.

Ahualoa Has recently purchased the oldest macadamia nut processing plant in Hawaii. They have full refurbished it from the ground up and have installed all new equipment. This means that they can now buy macadamia nuts right from local growers, crack them, roast them, and make them into delicious snacks all under one roof!

Ahualoa Farms Honey Mac nuts