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Hawaiian Hot Sauce Grown and Crafted On Maui

When it comes to hot sauce, the farmers know best. Justin and Katie (a husband and wife duo on Maui) started as home gardeners and found that peppers were there thing! Experimenting over time with their homegrown peppers, makeing sauces and other concoctions, they finally decide to start their own business! Born was Hi Spice, a truly small batch, hand crafted hot sauce company on Maui!

In collaboration with local farmers HI Spice is handcrafting small batch hot sauce that is truly a Maui made product. They offer flavors and spice levels for a full range of tastes. Whether you like a mild and flavorful verde or you want the massive heat from scorpion peppers they are all made with only the freshest ingredients that Hawaii has to offer. You hacve to try their extremely hot and best selling Ho Brah hot sauce, unreal!