Kihene Tea Logo

Hawaiian Mamaki, Noni, Ko'oko'olau, and Hibiscus Tea

Kihene Tea- specializes in a variety of native Hawaiian herbal teas grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. mamaki tea, noni tea, ko'oko'olau, & hibiscus tea.  Formed in 2014 by 3 native Hawaiians from Hawaii Island that saw a need to share their la'au lapa'au (products traditionally used for well being and maintaining health, safety, and comfort in one's own body).  The word Kihene describes a basket used to gathering or carry things like food and the necessities of life. They thought it was a perfect fit for their business that offers natural herbal Hawaiian teas harvested and processed in Hawaii by native Hawaiians.

The health benefits of mamaki are tremendous, Māmaki has been known to promote healthy cardiovascular functions; lower stress and fatigue levels; support good sleep. It has even been shown that it has higher antioxidant levels than green tea!

Kihene is a native Hawaiian owned company whose mission is to:

  • distribute and promote the products of Hawaii, products grown and made throughout the islands
  • share gifts of aloha, health, and culture with out local people and visitors.
  • Support local farmers and business
  • Educate both youth and adults on Hawaiian traditions, cultures, and values.
  • Share and spread our culture throughout the world one cup at a time.