Pu'u O hoku Ranch shop

 Biodynamic & Organic Ranch on Moloka'i

Pu'u O Hoku- A family owned biodynamic ranch and farm located on Moloka'i, Pu'u O Hoku is dedicated to restoring the 'aina. Surrounded by 14,000 acres of protected land, this oasis is truly heaven on earth. 

Pu'u O Hoku Ranch produces Demeter certified biodynamic and USDA certified organic dried apple bananas, fresh frozen Hawaiian ‘awa root, honey, and a wide variety of other fresh fruits and vegetables.  Apple bananas are a small, sweet, and slightly tangy banana. People go crazy about their dried apple bananas, there is just something irresistible about them!

They sell these amazing local products at their own farm stand along with specialty stores like ours thought-out Hawaii! 

pu'u p hoku ranch