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Salty Wahine

We provide Hawaiian sea salts that are sure to tingle your taste buds. With our wide variety of flavors, we are sure to have something for everyone, so please take a look around!

Laura Cristobal Andersland, owner and creator of Salty Wahine, created her first rub at age 11. Laura started the company in June 2008, after retiring from a twenty-nine year career in the travel industry. One could say that she turned her passion for cooking (flavoring foods and making them unique) into a business, and has been having the time of her life ever since.Salty Wahine uses the local flavors of not only herbs and spices, but also of tropical fruits to create amazing fruit infused blends that not only taste good, but are eye-appealing. Salty Wahine takes pride in the fact that 82.76% of her end product is Hawaii origin.

Mrs. Cristobal Andersland has taken Salty Wahine from craft fairs and farmers markets(where the products are still available) to a distribution on all of the Hawaiian Islands. Her products can also be found in various "mom and pop" shops in  New York, Florida, Canada, Saipan, and Europe! When asked about her distribution, Laura replies, "I think it is really important to sell my products in mom and pop shops because I truly believe that these stores are the backbone of America."

Salty Wahine is a member of the Kauai Chamber of Commerce, the Kauai Made Program, and the Kauai County Farm Bureau and Kauai Grown Program. Salty Wahine has won 2013 ist place Best of the Best Kauai Made Product * 2013 Pacific Edge Best Hawaii Family Business Finalist * 2012 Entrepreneur of the year * 2012 1st place Dept Of Agriculture/Kauai Coffee business plan compition winner * 2012 SBA exporter of the year State of Hawaii.