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Award Winning Hawaiian Mamaki Tea

Shaka Tea- is an award winning tea company based on the Big Island of Hawaii. All of their tea is made with the mamaki plant, which only grows here in Hawaii. For centuries the mamaki plant has been revered by ancient Hawaiians for its health benefits.  Māmaki health benefits include, promoting healthy cardiovascular functions; lower stress and fatigue levels; and supporting good sleep. Mamaki has even been shown to have higher antioxident levels. Now you can enjoy it too in easy to use tea bags, blended with other great tasting high quality ingredients. 

Starting in 2016, Bella and her husband Harrison set out on a journey to bring one of the worlds rarest herbal tea's to the masses. Using Hawaiian grown Mamaki, they made and bottled beautiful blends that people love all over the world! They have now come out with bags teas for easy to make at home mamaki tea blends!

Shaka Tea- Blue Magic Tea bags