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Classic and Furikake Potato Chips

Kona Chips- has roots dating back 80 years in Kona Hawaii. It's the go to spot for inter-island and mainland visitors while visiting Kona. Their world famous Furikake Kona Chips are a must try and their special spinning process adds extra crispness to every bite!

In 1991 Jerome Furukawa bought the business from the Deguchi family. They had run the Kitch’n Cook’d potato chip business in Kona out of a shack in their backyard for some 50 years! For about 10 years after this they continued to use the same equipment and methods the Deguchi family had used. but in 2001, they decided it was time to ramp up! So they moved in to Jerome's brother in law's new building that was attached to one of the oldest hotels in the state, Manago Hotel. This is when they introduced new packaging and their now world famous Furikake Potato Chips.

Recently Jerome made the move to retire and enjoy his golden years and sold the business to Donny Andrade. Donny is steadfast on continuing the Kona Chips tradition and keeping the brand alive and well.